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Executive Solutions

Executive Benefits

  • Key Person Life and Disability
  • Buy/Sell Review
  • Informal Business Valuation
  • Retirement

Do you anticipate your business will be the primary source of your retirement income? Have you identified who will buy your business and for how much? What effect would the loss of a key employee have on the value of your business?  If you are the owner or decision maker for the business,  the answers to these questions can be critical to your financial future. Retirement income, exit planning and business protection are just three areas where Beauchamp Benefits Group can provide services to help you keep your financial goals on track.   

Informal Business Valuation and Business Planning Report
Determining the value of your business is necessary and may affect your financial future in a variety of ways, such as retirement income planning, buy-sell agreement funding, business protection and estate planning. Working with a team of CPAs, attorneys and consultants, we can provide you with a planning report based on five commonly used valuation methods – at no cost to you. 

Buy-Sell Review
If you have a buy-sell agreement in place, our team of professionals will also review the agreement, and provide highlights and recommendations based on your current business needs – again, at no cost to you.  

Whether you want to create a market for the sale of your business or provide protection in the event of unplanned events, creating a solid financial plan and identifying your priorities may be beneficial to your financial future.